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At Durham 4D Baby, we are dedicated to offering an extraordinary and unmatched 4D/HD ultrasound experience that allows you to connect with your baby in a truly remarkable way. We firmly hold the belief that there are few moments in life that can rival the sheer joy and wonder that comes with the beginning of a new life. It's a moment filled with anticipation, excitement, and a sense of awe.

Our primary goal is to bring families together and provide them with the opportunity to witness and celebrate the incredible miracle of life. We understand the profound impact that seeing your baby in such detail can have on both expectant parents and their loved ones. It's a shared experience that transcends words and bridges generations, creating lasting memories and deepening the bonds between family members.

WThrough our advanced 4D/HD ultrasound technology, we strive to capture the intricacies of your baby's development, allowing you to see their movements, expressions, and unique features in astonishing clarity. Our team is passionate about providing you with a safe and comfortable environment, ensuring that your experience is as memorable as the moment itself.

We offer a range of ultrasound packages tailored to your requirements, spanning from the 8th week to the 37th week of pregnancy. We take pride in our ability to offer gender determination services, which can be availed as early as the 6th week through DNA testing or at the 14th week through ultrasound imaging.

With Durham 4D Baby, you're not just getting a glimpse of your baby; you're embarking on a journey of connection and wonder. Join us in celebrating the miracle of life and creating cherished memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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Ultrasound Packages

Ultrasound Packages

We have 2D/3D/4D/HD elective ultrasound packages to meet your needs.

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Boy or Girl?

Did you know that we can now determine gender as early as 6 weeks?

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Baby Flix

Baby Flix

Have your family and friends view your Ultrasound from the comfort of home.

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Heartbeat Animals

We can record your little one's heartbeat starting as soon as 8 weeks!

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Just went and got my 15 week ultrasound and it was a wonderful experience. The room felt so home-like and that 120 inch screen is amazing... We received quality photos and are very happy to know what we are having...

C. Lewis

First of all, Delene was absolutely AMAZING!!!! I have been to Durham 4d baby for 3 of my pregnancies and had a wonderful experience every time I went. It is quiet and peaceful and the atmosphere is fantastic!! I drove in from an hour away and it was worth every minute I was there. I would highly recommend this place to friends, family, or anyone who is thinking of having an ultrasound for fun during their pregnancy!!! I would like to say thank you Durham 4D baby (especially Delene) for all the fun times I have been here, and for making it a memorable experience!!!! :) I look forward to seeing you again!!

K. Rieg-Carter

Delene was great & the atmosphere was PERFECT. The baby was stubborn with HIS (because I want a boy) legs closed and she was patient and let me drink water & munch on chocolate. We are waiting to do a reveal in 8 days and Delene had a serious "poker face". We could not tell if it's a girl or boy off of her reaction!! It's so hard having this envelope and not go in it!! Praying for a boy... We will be back when we are further along! I would recommend this place for my family & friends!

Q. Battle

Best environment!! Found out we are having a girl, so excited!!!! Ultrasound tech was extremely nice and so sweet!! Would recommend this place to everyone looking for a very comfortable and overall great atmosphere. Great place!! Cant wait to come back!! 5 stars!!!!!

N. Crabtree

I would reccomend this place in a heartbeat! Delene was so sweet and just simply amazing! She made me and my family feel so comfortable and at home. My baby boy was so stubborn yet she was patient and ended up getting some amazing shots! Definitely made this experience enjoyable. Thank you so much!!

M. Hall

Such a wonderful experience! We did the HD package and it was worth every penny. Our tech was great, as our little girl was being very stubborn and hiding her face. She really brought out all the tricks to get us the full face photos. The screening room was beautiful and comfortable. Our family lives in AZ and they were able to watch our ultrasound live from their phones at no extra charge. I will definitely recommend to everyone and I will be back in the future. Thank you!

A. Bratcher

An absolute amazing experience! My husband and I have went twice during my pregnancy, once for a gender scan at 15 weeks and a second time at 32 weeks. Both times we felt welcomed and completely comfortable, also we were able to get great pictures of our little man!

L. O'Neill